Jessica Curtis-Blair

Sales Representative

Jessica was born and raised in Woodstock and started her real estate career in 2006 When asked what she feels is her greatest asset, Jessica thinks it’s a basic people skill: listening. Everyone’s needs and expectations are different, as are their levels of comfort and experience with the process. A home is, after all, so much more than just a space to live in – and being a good listener is key to helping people find a place where they can truly thrive. “I try to make sure I fully understand my client’s situation, and make sure they know that there’s no rush, no pressure,” Jessica explains. “A lot of people buy emotionally, and I feel it’s my job to help them step back and look at things from different angles. It’s important to consider how the decisions you make now will affect you five years down the road.”

Mitchell Blair

Sales Representative

Cassandra Benard

Sales Representative

Cassandra moved to Woodstock from Quebec in 1999 and has always been passionate about supporting her community. Coming to Sutton with a background in fundraising, Cassandra brings with her a commitment to helping people and an ability to connect, empathize and understand her clients dreams and goals. She has consistently been involved and engaged in the Woodstock community, which made her transition to real estate a perfect fit. Her ability to build relationships and create lasting impressions has enabled her to build a solid network of individuals and businesses that clients can rely on to help sell their home. Cassandra’s remarkable dedication, passion, positivity and integrity is demonstrated through her drive to find the perfect home for each of her clients, whether it be their first home, their retirement home, or an investment property in between.

Nicole Kirchner

Sales Representative

Nicole has been fortunate enough to call Woodstock and Oxford County her home from the time she was born. She has always appreciated the strong and proud community feel that exists in Woodstock and knew this was the perfect place to set down roots and raise a family. Speaking of family, before Nicole leapt into the world of real estate in 2020, she had co-owned her family’s insurance brokerage for 11 years and had the pleasure of working one-on-one with so many clients and families throughout her nearly 18 years as an insurance broker. It was through this experience that she really understood how special this community is and how much she enjoys being of service to people. Her passion for helping others, combined with her love for home and interior design made real estate a natural fit. Having personally bought, built and sold 3 different homes all within a 7-year period, Nicole understands the thrills and the stresses that come with the buying and selling process. “This is usually the biggest decision and investment most people make. There’s so much to consider and depending on the circumstances, it can become extremely stressful and emotional. I get it - I’ve been there, and I was grateful to have an expert on my side to guide me through the process. Now, I’m honoured and thrilled to be that expert for others to help them navigate through such an important time in their lives”.

Kim Schram

Team Marketing & Admin

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